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Dirndl, Lederhosen, Landhaus & Trachten Shop - Autentic Bavarian German Shop in ENGLISH and german - you the best dirndls a traditional German wear Blouse & apron are sold separately. Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen  
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Bavaria Lederhosen Shop  
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Over time, German oriented countries have evolved with distinct cultural elements including clothing and traditions. Traditional German costumes are inspired from said societies, especially the people of the Alpine and Bavarian regions! These societies, over the passage of time, have developed their own regional Tracht style with specific differentiations. The iconic German outfit was achieved by attires such as the . Technically, the word means ‘a young lady’ although, today, it signifies a traditional ladies dress of Germany. The German dirndl has emerged as an icon of celebration for traditional German culture!

authentic German dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, apron and skirt. German dirndls worn in the summer are comprised mainly of light fabrics such as cotton. On the other hand, German dirndls worn in the winter are typically manufactured with heavy wool and/or thick cotton materials. The dress is meant to be fitted in the bodice area and usually features a beautifully embroidered skirt and apron! The ‘Dirndl’ has become a classic tradition that presents a lively, stylish image of Germany. In the past few decades, the world has developed a modernized passion for dirndl dresses and people from many different cultures are actively seeking and purchasing dirndls of their own. Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

We see people from countries such as Canada, Russia, and Australia buying German dirndls for themselves! The customizable varieties of the dirndl dress plays into its popularity all around the globe. The array of colors that German dirndls are offered in makes it easy for anyone to match a dirndl with their own unique tastes. With such a wide range of colors to choose from, it is simple to pick out a white dirndl blouse that will beautifully match your dirndl!

Wedding Dirndl Catherina Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

The Alpine Dirndl is simply a classic.

As one of the earliest dirndl designs, this dress has been worn by countless ladies over the decades.

Available in mini and regular skirt lengths, it is the perfect base for a traditional German ladies’ look.

This dirndl is commonly paired with the Alpine Apron, though it can be just as easily be worn with any number of blouse and apron combinations to create a look all your own.

Our Alpine Dirndl comes in Green, Black, Navy Blue, or the ever popular Bavarian Blue,and is adorned with a decorative flower design on the bodice and skirt, it matches well with any of our Edelweiss Jewelry options.

The Alpine is handmade in the United States by a team of highly skilled tailors with over 40 years of experience and expertise.

We are also glad to make the dirndl to custom measurements for a perfect fit.

Ernst Licht Embroidery and Imports, is the exclusive creator and manufacturer of the Alpine Dirndl. Our goal is to create the best quality garment, ensuring your confort and satisfaction for years to come.

Bavarian and German dirndls Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

black sequin and blue dirndl

We offer a wonderful variety of Bavarian and German dirndls.  Most people, even those who have never attended an Oktoberfest or other festival of German culture have some concept of traditional folk-style dress.  These colorful, festive outfits typify both Old World charm and German-style bonhomie.  If you’re a member of a heritage club, Trachten dancing group, or German folk music band, then you will absolutely adore our selection of German dirndls and the ability to purchase fantastic outfits and accessories online!

Women who want to buy authentic German and Bavarian dirndls now have a fantastic resource at hand.  Our online catalogue makes it fun and easy to browse our entire catalogue of authentic imported clothing–German dirndls, Bavarian dirndls, lederhosen, Loden coats, pettipants and more.

Here at, we’re proud of our German heritage, and enjoy bringing the best Old Country artisanship to you.  Many of the items in our German gift shop are directly imported here to the United States.  Our Trachten wear–men’s lederhosen, dirndl dresses and more– by our small staff of expert Trachtenwear tailors.  Designs and materials are fresh from Germany, as well as the style and attitude that they express!

Whether you’re searching for an entire German dirndl outfit, or just want to purchase a new mieder, pettipants, or accessories, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our catalogue.  Our beautiful dirndls represent a wide variety of styles–a diversity that emerges from the many rich cultural traditions of Germany and Austria–as well as a spectrum of attitudes.  Our dirndls range from coquettish to elegant, from those with rich embroidery to those with a lovely simplicity.  Combined with our unique, one-of-a-kind edelweiss jewelry and other ethnic pieces, the possibilities are endless!

To see all our products, please visit our online store

German dirndls Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

We specialize in Trachten clothing items that you’ve seen in the most exciting celebrations and Oktoberfests in the country, including shows at Busch Gardens, Disneyworld, and more. Exploring German heritage and cultural traditions is a fun and wonderful way to treasure the past and learn to better enjoy the present. We take pride in bringing authentic German gifts, jewelry, music, and more straight to you from the most talented German artisans!
As German importers, we have established long-running relationships with amazing craftsmen back in Germany. If you’ve seen our selection of German gifts such as incredibly detailed jewelry, hand-painted beer steins, or Black Forest cuckoo clocks, you’ll know what we mean.
If you’re looking for the most authentic new Trachten wear, you’ve found your source! As German importers, we also specialize in gorgeous traditional materials and accent pieces that we then incorporate into our specialty tailoring. We have a small shop right here in Pennsylvania where skilled tailors create wonderful German clothing such as dirndls, lederhosen, and other Trachten clothing and Oktoberfest costumes.
And, if you’re simply looking for German importers who can bring unique German gifts to you, take a close look at our catalogue. From fun German t-shirts to breathtaking jewelry, from German dolls to handcrafted knives, glassware to tuned cowbells, we carry the German items that you’ve been searching for!
When came to this country as a boy, he didn’t let his roots fade away–instead, he sought out German heritage clubs and likeminded friends, and found that you can, indeed, enjoy the traditions and fun of the Old World right here in the New! If you’re also looking to rediscover and enjoy your German heritage, there are many wonderful resources and events out there–Prost!
To see all our products, please visit our online store for Bavaria and Tyrolean Folk Dress

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Bavaria Lederhosen Shop  
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Short Lederhosen: A Must Have for Trachten fans Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

Who doesn’t know the classic Bavarian lederhosen? The core of a traditional trachten outfit is popular around the world and an absolute iconic piece to every trachten lover out there. For a long period of time, short lederhosen have been the perfect work wear, while knickerbockers were soon worn to festive and official occasions. Short lederhosen are comfy, sturdy, easy to clean and allow room to move freely. These are enough reasons to wear the leather shorts as often as possible. Short lederhosen are the modern version of the old-fashioned leg wear, being super soft without much hassle!

How to find the right Short Lederhosen

Very much alike to finding the right dirndl, a lederhosen has to fit perfectly in order to guarantee comfort and style. Short lederhosen, well in fact all lederhosen, ought to be bought a little tighter than usual trousers. Like many other natural products, leather tends to widen over time, causing the leather shorts to fit much more loosely. So don’t worry, when your short lederhosen seems to be too tight when trying them out. Short lederhosen have to be broken in to make them a loyal companion to festivals like the Oktoberfest. Over time, a special layer of fat will develop on the surface of your lederhosen, the so called patina. This layer of fat makes the short lederhosen even sturdier and more resilient, while giving them a trendy used look. Cleaning short lederhosen is simple as pie with some specific maintenance products, a bit of water and a brush. Some models can be even washed in the washing machine – inside out and on low temperature. Just have a closer look at the label of your lederhosen to check the details!

The Agony of Choice: Which Short Lederhosen do you prefer?

Bavaria Lederhosen offers you an amazing range of trachten fashion and a ton of marvelous short lederhosen, which are super modern and chic. Our short lederhosen are all selected with great care in order to compose a versatile assortment matching every taste. A helpful tip: think about the colors you like best. Would you like a classy black short lederhosen? How about traditional dark brown, light brown or even beige? Seams and embroideries are small details, which also influence your Oktoberfest style. Discover models with color-blocking seams, creating green, blue or even red highlights on your lederhosen. Combine a close-fitting trachten shirt and a stylish trachten vest with your short lederhosen to create an especially elegant look.

How to style Short Lederhosen Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

Men are lucky to create a perfect Oktoberfest look in no time, compared to women…Short lederhosen require some rules though, which ought to be kept: get yourself some traditional woolen trachten socks and comfy yet resilient trachten shoes to round off the outfit. The upper part of your trachten style can be chosen according to your wishes and style. If you are the laid-back kind of guy, you should combine a casual trachten t-shirt to go with your lederhosen. Aiming for a traditional look can simply be achieved by wearing a white or checked trachten shirt. If you want to, you can combine a chic trachten vest or trachten jacket with your lederhosen, which will keep you warm during chilly evenings on the Oktoberfest. If you are the “all-in”-type of man, go for a trachten hat decorated with an iconic gamsbart or a pretty charivari – the perfect trachten look surrounding your short lederhosen.

Short Lederhosen for the win!

Trachten fashion has become more popular than ever over the past years, resulting in people from all over the world storing some dirndls and lederhosen in their closet. Lederhosen are the ideal attire for the Oktoberfest, but also for festive occasions like weddings and christenings. No wonder, as short lederhosen are super versatile and can be combined with basically every other piece of clothing. The one thing we know for sure is: Get yourself a short lederhosen for the Oktoberfest or stay home!

Knickerbockers: Lederhosen with a long-standing tradition Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

The history of lederhosen is very long and especially those knickerbockers have been worn quite early in time. The origins of the leg wear, we know as knickerbockers today, are rooted in 18th century France. People there wore the so called “Culotte” – a leathery, close-fitting knickerbocker shorts. A little later, natives of the Alpine regions took on the trend and used the knee-length lederhosen as their work wear. Elegant versions were already considered an appropriate attire to festive occasions. The leather of the popular knickerbockers came from domestic animals like sheep and goats, as it was a privilege to upper class families to hunt deer and craft their leather into pieces of clothing.

Knickerbockers today

For a long period of time, knickerbockers had represented the common length of lederhosen until the cheekier short lederhosen were introduced. Even now, every Bavarian banks on knickerbockers when dressing up in a traditional and classy trachten look. Knickerbockers cover more skin that their shorter counterpart and captivate with traditional details. Suspenders for example, stay always attached to the knickerbockers, in contrast to short lederhosen, which are often worn without suspenders. Yet there is no doubt, you can choose the lederhosen style you like best!

Knee-Length Lederhosen: The Details make the game

If you are looking for a chic pair of knickerbockers, Bavaria Lederhosen is the right place to start your search. The mission is to find the right model for you and as there is a huge range of different ones on our trachten online shop, it’s up to you to find your favorite. Knickerbockers are available in a ton of different shades, yet they are all rather natural and subtle colors. Choose between black, dark brown, beige, grey and many more nuances. When it comes to the kinds of leather which are used, you may decide between goatskin and roughout leather. It’s hard to say which of those materials is sturdier or better, yet we recommend you to order a few different models of knickerbockers to have a close look at the leather yourself. Many knickerbockers are decorated with exceptional and extraordinary embroideries on the bib, some even with colorful seams. Staghorn buttons round off the traditional style of knickerbockers and give your Oktoberfest look the final touch.

What to wear to Knickerbockers

The thing most men appreciate about trachten fashion and knickerbockers in particular, is that they are nicely dressed for the Oktoberfest in next to no time, without having to think about it too long. Combine a close-fitting trachten shirt in plain white or imprinted with traditional checks to your lederhosen look. A comfy trachten jacket or a cozy trachten sweater are just perfect for chilly evenings. To round off the outfit, get yourself a nice pair of trachten shoes and some woolen trachten socks, which can be pulled up to the knee-pit. This subtle yet classy and traditional look guarantees you a stylish appearance on the Oktoberfest. Would you prefer an individual touch or something special to your lederhosen outfit? How about a cheeky charivari attached to the bib or a dark green trachten hat? Browse through our shop and discover your favorites!

Where to wear Knickerbockers to Pic (c) by bavaria-lederhosen

Needless to say, knickerbockers are a fix part of the Oktoberfest and can be spotted in every single beer tent. Though smaller festivals also provide the ideal occasion to get out your lederhosen! Thanks to premium craftsmanship and sturdy leather, splatters of beer won’t harm your loyal companion. It’s easy to style knickerbockers the elegant way, too, making them a great attire for weddings and parties. Our tip is to combine a dark brown or black model with a white trachten shirt and a velvet trachten jacket!  
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Bavaria Lederhosen Shop  
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